Interview with Ark Workshop

  1. Please introduce yourself?

I was born into a family with a love for wood and woodwork. I grew up on a farm outside Wolseley and studied Fashion Design in Cape Town. Only to find myself back on the farm, applying design principles to woodwork.

  1. When & why did you start Ark Workshop

My dad is an admirable woodworker. After school he left the farm to learn the art of woodworking in Knysna. Throughout the years he has been doing woodwork and last year he started making wooden chopping boards. He originally asked me to get a branding iron made – this made me curious and soon I started helping him in the workshop and started selling these items in a few shops. At the time I was working in Cape Town and on weekends, hours would fly by as we spend time in the workshop playing around with different types of designs and wood.

  1. Tell me a little more about your concept, brand and your favourite

Ark Workshop celebrates – and aims to preserve – craftsmanship, honouring its natural material, reclaimed wood, to emphasise nature’s perfection.

The wood is hand picked from the floors of century old barns and buildings sourced throughout South Africa, so each piece is unique. Minimalist designs reveal the natural beauty and distinct character of the wood grain.

  1. Where did you study and what is your background?

I have a BA in Fashion Design- after completing my studies I did a bit of social design and freelancing.

  1. Would you like to design collection for an important brand? if so which one?

Would love to design collection for Weylandts.

  1. Where do you sell your collections/designs mostly?

Shop the range of chopping and serving boards, bowls, and solid doorstoppers online or a variety of stockist (list available online).

  1. What’s your favourite thing you’ve ever created?

A bit cheesy- but I love everything we create!!

  1. What has/is strongly impacting your work at the moment?

I am inspired by the greatest designer of all times. He is the most creative and humble Teacher of them all: the Almighty Creator. His designs are all around us. Everywhere I go, I am in awe of His designs. These designs form the basis of my designs: wood, iron and leather. Every piece of wood is beautiful, which in turn inspires us to create something beautiful.

  1. What’s the best advice you ever had about how to be more creative?

“The only impossible journey is the one you don’t begin”, so begin otherwise it will only stay an idea. For this journey be sure to pack your enthusiasm, endurance and willingness to work hard.

  1. What are your future plans, dreams and aspirations for Ark Workshop?

Mastering the technique of working with leather is definitely something that I would love to do. Hopefully, making shoes would follow.

Last words…

It’s been such a pleasure having Imari from Ark Workshop on board with Urban Noun. To see a dream that is bigger than all of us and have the faith to take that step with us and place her trust in what could be. #whywelovewhatwedo

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