Interview with Caversham Textiles

Please introduce yourself?

Sally Scott. Sales, Design and Marketing Director for Caversham Textiles

When & why did you start Caversham Textiles

Caversham Textiles was officially launched at Design Indaba CT in 2014. Having returned to the Midlands to work with my folks and The Caversham Press my Dad, Malcolm, and I decided to try our hands at Textile Printing which we had attempted before but without much success. We wanted to find a way of keeping the ethos and legacy of The Press but in a new direction.

Tell me a little more about your concept, brand and store and your favourite

Because of the link with The Caversham Press, which produced limited edition original prints over 30 years, we decided to keep the Fine Art link and base all our designs either on very small fragments of prints in the CP archives and traditional print techniques. When we were working on our first 3 ranges we asked Artists that I had grown up with to supply a design/s that were specifically for our Textiles – this formed our Morning Dew Range.

We hand print our fabrics using water based inks in our studio. We like to keep to the Studio Workshop tradition and so we do not keep vast stocks of fabric and instead print to order thereby allowing our clients to select what colours they would like the design printed in. This also keeps things interesting for us every time we co print something in a different colour it has an entirely different feel. We have a vast range of designs at this stage with 5 ranges and it is hard to have one that is a favourite, but I do have a few of Walter Oltmann’s and Bronwen Findlay’s designs in my home as well as some of our own designs from the Garden Scent range that we created from Monoprints. Our last range based on woodcuts by Jeff Rankin also has some designs that I love… just need to find somewhere to put them in my home!

Where did you study and what is your background?

I completed a BA Hons Degree in Fashion Design through Linea Academy in Durban who were affiliated to Nottingham Trent University. I started working for Colleen Eitzen during the last half of my final year and then went onto manufacturing for a further 8 years.

Would you like to design a collection for an important brand? if so which one?

Whilst it is always amazing to receive recognition for one’s brand and should we ever get the opportunity we would still want to keep it exclusive and certainly prefer to stay away from any mass markets

Where do you sell your collections/designs mostly?

At this stage, we sell mainly through our studio and our website.

What’s your favourite thing you’ve ever created?

This is a tricky one. Fabrics completely change when they are made up and we have created so many amazing things. We reupholstered a pair of antique chairs for an Inspire Trade Expo in 2016 and they looked amazing.

What are you trying to communicate with your art?

An appreciation for Fine Art in a more accessible form. We just want to create fabrics that people love and want to surround themselves with, fabrics that represent each client and their personality

What has/is strongly impacting our work at the moment?

We are currently busy diversifying what we offer and moving our designs into slightly different areas than we have worked in up until now.

What’s the best advice you ever had about how to be more creative?

You have to just go with the flow. With creativity, you cannot have a fixed idea of what you want and expect the end result to be exactly that. Creativity is an organic process and you just have to be open and have fun with it

What are your future plans, dreams and aspirations for Caversham Textiles?

We are excited about our new ranges and products that we are working on at the moment and hope to really hit the markets both in South Africa and abroad with a bang!

Last words…

It’s such a pleasure having Caversham Textiles on board with Urban Noun. We love the idea of working with artists to see how we can expand their ideas into different areas of exploration.

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