Meeting Jade Helene

This month we caught up with the wonderfully talented Jade Helene of Jade Helene Designs and Owner of the multi-brand store Level Eight.  This year Jade was invited to open for Berlin Alternative Fashion Week, which marks a very impressive milestone for any fashion designer.  We asked Jade a few questions to find out a little bit more about Level Eight and the designer behind it all!

When & why did you start Level Eight?

I started Level Eight in January 2016 but officially opened in March 2016. I had spent a lot of time in Berlin and Amsterdam involved with fashion shows and events and wanted to find a platform where I could exhibit my own creations. I originally started level eight with a partner who is also in fashion and has her own label, we were sitting at a bar one night and started thinking about opening up our own shop in Berlin. from that moment the hunt was on. We came across this space and knew this was it. There was a lot of back and fourth communication as I was in Cape Town at the time, we renovated it and decided on a minimalistic feel. The name level eight just seemed to fit. It quickly became our baby, and to this day still is mine. You can always find me at Level Eight if I am in Berlin.

Tell me a little more about your concept, brand and store and your favourite designs.

The concept was simple we wanted it to be clean and minimalistic. At that time I had just finished an all black and white collection, called in the greys of dreams that was inspired by Berlin, so it only seemed fitting that the clothing in the store which represents the Berlin feel. The store’s intention was always to be a multi-brand store where other fellow designers could exhibit their work as well and join the team of Level Eight.

Where did you study and which is your background?

I studied at a private fashion academy in Cape Town South Africa, called Fedisa, that is also where I grew up. I interned with Paul Smith and Sweaty Betty in London, worked for Stefania Morland in Cape Town and for Henry Betrand in London before pursuing my own design career.

How would you describe your style?

My style changes all the time. one moment I could be totally elegant and dressed up and other days I’m in sneakers and a baseball cap. I mix it up a lot and wear a lot of my own designs dressed up or dressed down.

Would you like to design collection for an important brand? if so which one?

I am not sure at the moment, currently I like the freedom of designing for myself. I have many designer icons that have inspired me, it would be impossible to choose.

Any celebrities wearing your designs?

Not that I know of! If you are #jadehelenedesigns 

Where do you sell your collections mostly?

It depends, I think it all is fairly equally distributed between, the shop, online and personal orders.

How do you see your business in future?

For now, I am very happy in Berlin, I love the energy, the city and the people. In the future, I would like to open another shop in another city, a bigger shop and also have a separate atelier.

Last words…

Above is an image of the new set-up in Level Eight which includes Urban Noun stockists.  As always we are so excited to have met Jade and been able to collaborate with her in Level Eight. We feel it’s an amazing opportunity to meet with like-minded creatives and to meet people who will help us experience the creative soul of Berlin.

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