Moon & Back

Owner and designer, Bronwyn, has 20 years experience in commercial design; originally from an advertising agency background, she went to the UK where she worked in various business transformation units within management consulting and banking, heading up in-house design teams and supporting consulting teams. On her return to SA in 2007, she found herself in tourism marketing and grew a successful small design company providing marketing support to tourism businesses throughout South Africa. After the birth of her twin boys, Bronwyn wanted to go back to her print design roots. To the Moon & Back Paper Studio was born in September 2015 and is fast-becoming one of South Africa’s premier paper brands, focusing on bespoke paper design and beautiful stationery. Ranges include African and Japanese influences, with a focus on fun and light-heartedness and a return to paper, away from technology and back to the art of giving. She works from her studio in Kenilworth, Cape Town and her retail space includes a number of South African paper brands alongside her own, “because every day in South Africa amazes me – the talent, the colour, the vibrancy, the fun ~ we are an enterprising culture, who adapt fluidly and with vigour ~ I feel more alive here than I have felt in all my global travels and I am proud to be able to be so creative, and love being surrounded by designers with as much passion for this country as I have”.

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