Pure Creation

I have always been inspired by die beauty, peacefulness and calmness of nature. The pure beauty, the oneness, the completeness and the feeling you get when you walk barefoot on the earth –I am a creator, an artist, a mama and an Earth-lover. I wish to reflect this feeling of purity and beauty in my art and products. Pure creation is about pure beauty, beauty in imperfection, beauty in life and the beauty of everything natural.

Pure creation was born in 2013 by me, Nadine Marola out of love for nature, art and design. I am the heart and creator of pure creation, the one who keeps it alive and breathing. It is the love for what I’m doing and my passion that gives life to pure creation. My husband, Alan Marola, is the working hands, the one doing all the hard work, putting all the pieces together. Together we work hand in hand together… creating our life with love and passion.

Our products are mainly made out of natural sources –wood, clay and linen. Our Moonlights are wooden disks with designs cut out with a light behind it, so that the light shines through. This was our first product through which Pure creation was born. We later started printing my artworks onto wooden blocks –like canvases. Our range grew into ceramics as well as cushion covers and napkins made with linen with my artworks printed on.

May my creations inspire and evoke the beauty in nature, and may it bring light, love and joy into your home.


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