Quentin Horn Doodles

Quentin Horn is an artist and freelance graphic designer based in Cape Town.

For years Quentin recycled his old work notebooks. He eventually realised the pages he was discarding – which contained doodles he had idly drawn while speaking on the phone, setting up to-do lists or strategising around client briefs – held the potential for new life in the form of art.

Quentin scanned the doodles from one of his notebooks to see what could be made of them. He took the 200 A4 pages, filled with little scribbles and odd-looking faces, and compiled them into a bigger picture. He discovered that the variety of textures and densities in the individual elements could be used as ‘brush strokes’ to create depth and definition in the bigger image. These ‘bigger doodles’ portray a host of subjects, from people and nature to just about anything that grabs Quentin’s interest.

Quentin accepts commissions from clients, where specific and special items pertaining to the person’s life, are incorporated with brush strokes out of his library, to create a unique one-off piece.

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