The Bead Guys


In the small town of Centurion, Pretoria in South Africa, there are a group of men whose passion for beadwork lights up the sidewalks of the town.

We had the pleasure of meeting Simon and his friends at the start of our venture and got to know them on a more personal level.

Simon came to South Africa in June 2005 looking for greener pastures. His father had passed away at a young age, leaving him responsible for looking after his mum and siblings. He had to drop out school early to look for work, which lead him on his path to South Africa.

During his schooling years, Simon’s passion was to draw and be creative. When he moved to Pretoria, he lived in a commune in Sunnyside, where he met a man who taught him how to do beadwork. This paved the way for the small but very successful roadside stall he runs. The stall makes beautiful beaded gifts in all shapes, sizes and colours and has 5 different artists all contributing to the work.

Simon and his friends send most of their proceeds back home to Zimbabwe, where they all have families that count on the income they make from their beadwork.

The majority of Zimbabwean’s who live and work in South Africa send money home for their families. They are known to be a nation with integrity, grit and loyalty and Urban Noun is honoured to be able to be a part of their story of growth.


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