Waddle On

We can’t wait for you to get your hands (and feet) on a pair of our quirky penguin socks!

Lovingly designed and inspired by our founder Martine Viljoen’s years of working with their true waddling counterparts.

Our founder has an absolute passion for conservation efforts and penguins in particular. Having focused her honours studies, hands-on work, internship and volunteering at both SANCCOB (since 2014) and Two Oceans Aquarium (since 2010 – till all her hard work paid off in 2016 and became a casual penguin keeper). Additionally conducting penguin fieldwork on Robben Island and participated in Waddle 2017, a 130km “Waddle for a Week” from Gansbaai to Simonstown, to raise awareness for the African penguin and conservation efforts in general.

These experiences are where penguins truly stole Martine’s heart, driving the passion to contribute to helping these critically endangered species in every way she could.

Martine decided to combine her love of penguins and quirky sock designs to put an extra waddle in everyone’s step while supporting an amazing cause! R3 goes to SANCCOB in Cape Town, South Africa, for every pair of WaddleOn sold.

The initial collection consists of 4 complimentary pair designs and introduces wearers to Rocky (at SANCCOB) and Ms Harold (at Two Oceans Aquarium). The ultimate gifts for penguin lovers and funky sock collectors alike.

We can’t wait for everyone to be sporting their very own WaddleOn’s and to see what adventures they may take you to

Put on and…WaddleOn by Marts


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